ANCWL won’t budge on women president in 2017

The ANCWL .Picture: Supplied

The slogan “the time for ANC to have a female president and 50% of women in its top structures is now” emerged as a rallying call when the national executive committee (NEC) of the ANCWL held it’s extended NEC meeting recently at St George’s Conference Centre, Irene.

After the meeting, the NEC released a summary report to ANCWL supporters and members of society and a full report is to be tabled in the structures of the ANCWL.

The summary report included the ANCWL position on the ANC succession. The ANCWL did not deviate in any way from the long-standing mandate from its members and supporters to pursue the call for the election of the ANC’s first female president.

That league wants to gain momentum towards breaking the glass ceiling by having a female president and other female cadres in the top six of the organisation.

This has not happened in the 105 years of the existence of the ANC.

The league says that the call has gained relevance and significance and that pronouncing on the preferred candidates to be lobbied cannot be in anyway interpreted as a form of ill-discipline.

The statement also said that in the true pursuance of the ANC’s policy of equality and non-sexism the ANCWL would not be persuaded to stop its decision to call for the members of the ANC to elect a woman in December 2017.

The ANCWL said that it carries a responsibility to be the voice of reason and critical body of opinion within the ANC and broader society in so far as it relates to gender equity and parity.

The league welcomed the support received from its members, supporters, society in general and other progressive women from political structures within and outside Africa for this announcement and that realising their goal would motivate them to continue with an agenda of having the world that is not patriarchal.

It was said that the patriarchal system must be exposed and be dismantled.

The statement ended by saying that the unity and integrity of the ANC was sacrosanct and was high on the agenda of the ANCWL, therefore the ANCWL would at all times be in the forefront to defend the ANC’s integrity.

The ANCWL called for all South Africans to join them in the journey of building a non-sexist prosperous country by transforming the political and economic structures which marginalises women purely on the basis of gender. – 701198

-TNA Reporter