Citizen Journalism


Citizen journalism is when general individuals report information to the media. This involves citizens contributing, in one form or another, to existing professional news mediums. It can take many forms – Viewers posting their comments alongside stories done by our professional reporters, Viewers actively working with our reporters in putting together a story. Our reporter might ask viewers with expertise in a particular area to send him or her information on that topic, or even do some of their own reporting.

The concept of citizen journalism is based upon interested public playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting and analyzing news and information.

Citizen journalism is open for everyone. Open for fresh ideas, information, thoughts, events, news. Everyone who is willing to do citizen journalism can do it without any special knowledge. All you need is interest in news and reporting. It’s a way for citizens to talk about stuff they think are worth to be mentioned.

If you have a story to report or a different angle to our ongoing coverage, write to us at . Please put your full details along with the story so that our team can contact you. Our editorial team will check your story/video/views and will decide on the future course of action.