Daily Maverick created Makhosi Khoza story: BLF

The Black First Land First (BLF) has accused the Daily Maverick for “manufacturing” the Dr Makhosi Khoza story,Picture: Gallo Images

The Black First Land First (BLF) has accused the Daily Maverick for “manufacturing” the Dr Makhosi Khoza story.

The newspaper reported that the threats made towards Khoza came from a cell number registered to the BLF.

It further claimed that two independent sources had confirmed to Scorpio that the number is registered to the BLF movement under Rica.

“The results of the BLF investigation shows that the story was manufactured by Daily Maverick, with the possible assistance of Dr Makhosi Khoza.

“Whilst BLF could not conclusively link the conspiracy between Dr Khoza and Daily Maverick, there is a strong indication that there may have been some co-operation,”  BLF said in a statement.

However BLF has dismissed these claims: “The BLF investigation revealed that the SIM card attributed to BLF is a “burner”.

This is the usual so-called “pre-RICAed” SIM cards bought on the side of the road. The caller ID information can be edited in those SIM cards,” said BLF.

BLF had earlier denied being behind the death threats that Khoza and her family have been receiving after the source of the threats was reported to be them.

The threats are associated with her pronouncement regarding the secret ballot. She has posted screen grabs messages that were sent to her on Facebook in which she was demanded to withdraw her views on the motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma.

Meanwhile the BLF say that the article is a “fake story” created to raise Khoza’s public profile and calls on the government to seriously start the process towards setting up a media tribunal.

-TNA Reporter