Eastern Cape community burns son for mother’s murder

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The community of Motherwell Cluster in Eastern Cape have burned a man who is suspected to have killed his mother.

Provincial police commander Major Dawie Rabie said a body of 56-year-old Nothemba Eunice Tsili was found outside her house at Tabata street, New Brighton yesterday morning at 04:45.

“Tsili was stabbed multiple times in her upper body and neck. The New Brighton residents immediately suspected her 18-year-old son, Lindokuhle Tsili to be responsible for the crime and went searching for him.”

According to Rabie police tried to find the son, unfortunately, they did not.

“The group of about 120 persons killed the son by burning him in the street, not far from where the body of his mother was found earlier.”

Police have warned the community of Motherwell Cluster against taking the law into their own hands.

“‘Revenge attacks or mob justice cannot be tolerated in the communities.

“One cannot right a wrong with another wrong. Murder stays murder, and killing out of revenge will face the same consequences with the Law as murder,” he said.

The police will investigate both murders.