JMPD lying about church members attacking officer – BLF


Black First Land First (BLF) says the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) was lying when it said that members of the Revelation Church of God attacked the police.

BLF on Monday visited the church in response to a report it received that the church was invaded by the JMPD.

“When BLF leadership arrived at the church they were briefed about the incident by the church leadership and to this end shown video material. From the evidence, including the testimonies presented, it is clear that the church members who disarmed the police did a civil and Godly deed. In an arrogant attempt to intimidate the congregation, a Metro Police officer wielded his gun and shot recklessly as if he was in a movie,” BLF deputy president Zanele Lwana said.

BLF believes that if the JMPD members were not disarmed, a lot of people could have been injured or killed.

“It looks like the JMPD is given a license to forcibly and illegally evict black people from the Johannesburg city. The attack on the church must be understood in the context of the intention of the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) to keep Johannesburg white.”

BLF has also condemned the DA for once again abusing the JMPD for its racist programme.

-TNA Reporter