JMPD attack: ‘Charges against suspect should be dropped’


Charges against the suspect who disarmed a traffic officers’ firearm should be dropped, said Sanco National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu.

Mahlangu was speaking on a recent incident that saw members of the Revelation Church of God in Claim Street, Hillbrow on Sunday attacking officer Siphiwe Sebati and other JMPD officers when they attempted to tow an illegally parked vehicle belonging to a member of the church.

“Proceeding with charges must be weighed against the responsible act of handing it over to police thereby preventing it from falling into criminal hands to be used to commit a violent crime, robbery and other criminal activities,” he said.

Meanwhile, SANCO condemned the assault describing it as deplorable and flagrant disrespect for the law.

“We commend the officer for exercising restraint even though his life was in danger when he was disarmed during the fracas and wish him a speedy recovery,” said Mahlangu.

Mahlangu urged City of Johannesburg and Tshwane to revisit their heavy-handed traffic law enforcement and towing policies which push offenders to extremes.

“Traffic violation fine notices must be issued instead of opting to tow vehicles which are not obstructing the flow of traffic.

“Motorists whose vehicles are impounded around this time of the year are not only inconvenienced, they face a bleak festive season either without the use of their vehicles and or financial stress if they are able to pay for its immediate release.”

-TNA Reporter