KZN film stands out

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: KZNFC is looking to fund filmmakers. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES

IN ITS bid to take KwaZulu-Natal to the global space, the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is looking to fund filmmakers whose films will showcase the province’s rich heritage and culture to the outside world.

The commission is looking to fund films that will profile heroes, heroines and legends as well as historical icons who remained undocumented. The commission’s chief operation officer, Jackie Motsepe, said they would publish a call to invite filmmakers to submit projects that follow a specific theme promoting the province.

She said since they wanted quality films, the projects to be commissioned had to be of high production value and have a clear distribution plan.

Additionally, the call for projects will be designed to address specific needs such as documenting the history and heritage of the province of KwaZulu-Natal, documenting and profiling South African historical icons.

“The amounts allocated to these projects will be dependent on the magnitude of the project, and availability of funds. The commission is proud to announce its first call for proposals.

“The call is specific to documenting Zulu culture, heritage, profiling heroes and heroines and legends, adaptations of novels from a KwaZulu-Natal author, profiling South African icons and the content should portray the subject matter in a credible and authentic manner,” she said.

Motsepe said the projects could be in the concept, development or pre-production phase by November 3.

“A one-page synopsis, a one-page biography of the key creative in the production team, a one-page treatment or additional information on the project and examples of previous work is needed,” she said.