Labour Court grants interdict against unlawful conduct by 10111 employees


The Labour Court has granted an interdict to prevent striking workers at the South African Police Service (SAPS) 10111 call centre from intimidating and threatening non-striking employees.

SAPS today brought the urgent application following reports of intimidation and threats made yesterday by South African Poling Union (SAPU) members against non-striking employees outside the Midrand call centre.

” The interdict will ensure that they conduct themselves lawfully during their picket action outside the Midrand 10111 call centre and will ensure that they follow the correct rules and procedures relevant to picketing and won’t transgress the law, ” said police spokesperson, Major General Sally de Beer.

Meanwhile, SAPU General Secretary, Oscar Skommere, said the union had been on strike for approximately two months and there had been no incidents which show that they are disciplined and patient.

” We received calls from SAPS saying our members are doing this and that. We are still investigating to check first if those were our members who are alleged to have indulged themselves in such action,” said Skommere.

He added that when they were made aware of reports of intimidation SAPU took action and sent two of their senior officials to speak to their members.

Last week SAPU members resumed their strike demanding that workers be elevated from their current salary level five up to salary level seven.

The union has complained that 10111 call centre agents earn less than their counterparts at other call centres for government institutions like Home Affairs, SARS and SASSA.

SAPS today said that public order policing members would remain on hand to monitor the situation and ensure that it stays calm.

-Siphiwe Mchunu