MKB teaches the Mercedes C-Class a new tune


Boutique German tuning and performance firm MKB has taken the wraps off the P 600, a supercar disguised as a semi-sensible Mercedes coupé.

Starting with an AMG C 63 edition C-Class, the company has managed to bestow the car with 136hp more – so now 612hp is going to the rear wheels – plus 150Nm extra torque (up to 800Nm from 650Nm).

The two upgrades, achieved by careful remapping and reprogramming, rather than adding extra hardware and performance zapping weight, also increase top speed to an electrically limited 300km/h and cut the 0-100km/h time to just 3.8 seconds.

Like all conversions from the best tuning houses, the MKB makeover is backed by a warranty and the changes will not comprise the stock car’s emissions compliance.

But of course, this simple tune, developed via hours on the dyno and miles of Autobahn testing is just the start. The company can completely overhaul the exterior, interior and engine bay too.