PPF welcomes Mark Lamberti’s resignation

Former Eskom Board member Mark Lamberti. Picture: Black Business Council

The Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) on Sunday said it was pleased with the resignation of former Eskom board member Mark Lamberti.

Lamberti resigned from the power utility after he was found guilty of race and gender discrimination by the North Gauteng High Court.

The PPF said it had from the onset raised its concern about Lamberti’s suitability following the announcement of the new Eskom board by President Cyril Ramaphosa early this year due to the case which was pending at the time, as it put the reputation of the company into disrepute.

PPF Secretary-General Luther Lebelo said the forum immediately wrote to Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan, asking him to immediately ask Lamberti to resign as a result of the damning North Gauteng High Court judgment that found that he wrongfully impaired the dignity of a highly qualified and experienced senior black female staff member.

“Mr Lamberti had callously referred to her as merely “a female employment equity” candidate, thus condescendingly implying that she was placed undeservedly.

“The PPF took a very dim view on those derogatory comments by Lamberti which in our view betray his racist and sexist posture,” Lebelo said.

Lebelo said South Africa, which is still reeling from over 350 years of indignation of racial discrimination, cannot perpetuate racism by putting people like Lamberti in strategic positions in state owned institutions.

-TNA Reporter