SAFA slams coordinated effort against Jordaan

Danny Jordaan. Picture: Gallo Images.

South African Football Association(SAFA) has slammed what it called another coordinated smear campaign to affect the outcome of SAFA’s elective congress which is scheduled for next weekend.

The football body said the allegations seem to be an attempt to render SAFA president Dr Danny Jordaan so as to render him illegible to stand for the presidency.

The announcement comes after The Sunday Times reported that another woman, a forty-year-old, had opened a case of sexual abuse against Jordan.

In March, former ANC member of parliament and singer Jennifer Ferguson opened a rape case against Jordan who she accused of having a non-consensual sex with her.

SAFA said in a statement, the docket under the case number (212/03/2018) which the media has provided indicated that this case was opened in March but to date, Safa had not been informed of any details.

Jordaan is facing a bruising battle against former referee Andile ‘Ace’ Ngcobo for the Safa presidency.

“It is public knowledge that Dr Jordaan opened a case of conspiracy pertaining to the false accusations levelled against him by Ms Jennifer Ferguson.

“This “new” purported case seems to be part of a coordinated smear campaign to affect the outcome of the SAFA elective congress.

“The allegations seem to be an attempt to render Dr Jordaan illegible to stand for the SAFA presidency on Saturday.”Said Safa.

Safa said the new allegations form part and parcel of what the soccer federation previously said was an orchestrated campaign.

Safa also took an opportunity to remind the media that previous allegations levelled against Jordaan have been proven to be false.

Jordaan has previously accused Premier Soccer League(PSL) and Orlando Pirates Chairman Dr Irvin Khoza of being behind an attempt to dislodge him from his position by financing Fergusson’s trips to South Africa, where she opened a case against him.

Safa said it wished to remind the media that previous allegations levelled against Dr Jordaan have been proven to be false and follows a disturbing trend of accusations levelled against a candidate days before a Safa event.

“Ms Ferguson’s first allegation surfaced in October followed by an aggressive media campaign days before the SAFA extraordinary congress in October 2017.

“It is common knowledge that Ms Ferguson travelled from Sweden to South Africa and embarked on a renewed and aggressive media campaign to discredit Dr Jordaan again with the same false allegations mere days before the SAFA elective congress in March. As you know this led to the Congress being postponed”Safa added.

The football body said it, therefore, comes as no surprise that new allegations suddenly surface.

“We verily believe that the events set out above are not coincidental and have one aim and one aim only and that is to prevent Dr Jordaan from standing for the position of SAFA president.

“It must be clear to all that there are forces at work who will stop at nothing to utilise the media to discredit our client in the most nefarious way one can possibly discredit a person.”

-Afro Reporter