The Vagina Shop opens at Wits

HEALTH TIPS: The Vagina Shop at Wits University will provide students with information on hygiene and feminine hygiene products.

FEMININE hygiene came under the spotlight at the official launch of The Vagina Shop at Wits University in Johannesburg. Through a series of workshops currently underway until tomorrow, women are given everyday health tips on how to take care of their feminine hygiene and how to have good health, diet and exercise.

This will provide female students with a safe and relaxed environment to educate themselves on understanding the importance of feminine hygiene and to learn about the innovative GynaGuard range of feminine hygiene products. According to research, underprivileged girls can miss up to 50 days of school a year due to a lack of access to adequate feminine hygiene.

Mamabua Molepo, brand manager at Adcock Ingram, said that the company is using The Vagina Shop concept to educate women about the importance of hygiene. “As a pharmaceutical company who understands the importance of education, Adcock Ingram is using The Vagina Shop concept as a unique and innovative approach in the South African market to bring feminine hygiene into the spotlight. “We designed the activations to create a safe environment for women to come and find out more about the overall care of their vaginas and how it should fit into a daily hygiene routine,” Molepo said.

She said that activations in Gauteng would form part of a pilot phase to change negative perceptions around feminine hygiene. “For too long, young girls and women have been ignored when it comes to vaginal health and the impact that everything from diet and the kind of underwear they wear, to the type of soap they use to wash, can have on their hygiene.” As such, Molepo said, The Vagina Shop offered a complete experience where women could go and see all elements and how they should form part of an overall approach to their daily routines. “These activations are designed to empower women with the knowledge and availability of specially designed products like GynaGuard that they need to feel better about themselves and make the right choices when it comes to their feminine hygiene.” The Vagina Shop is a friendly space for women to learn about vaginal health.

Mpho Kobeli