Thembisile Yende: Murder accused back in court

QUESTION MARK: Thembisile Yende’s killer may be a hitman hired by the real perpetrator, it has been suggested. Picture: Supplied

A 44-year-old man accused of killing an Eskom employee is set to appear at the Springs Magistrate’s court on Monday.

David Ngwenya who is also an Eskom employee will make an appearance for the third time after he was denied bail several times.

During his last appearance the court said that there was a strong case against him as he is facing a schedule six offence.

Ngwenya who is believed to have had an affair with Thembisile Yende is facing one count of premeditated murder.

The court believes that Ngewnya premeditated with two other suspects who still have to be found.

It is reported that there was a possibility of a copper cable theft syndicate which Ngwenya was involved in and Yende became aware of.

Although Ngwenya tried to convince the Magistrate he said that if released on bail he will not be harmful to society and stated that he has no previous convictions or any other investigations against him, but the magistrate said he posses as a threat to the witnesses.

Yende’s family said they are relieved with how the case is being going on so far.

Thembisile Yende was found dead in her office block at the company’s substation, Peiterboth, Springs on the East rand in May.

She was found with a black plastic bag wrapped around her head almost two weeks after her disappearance.

The postmortem results have revealed that she died had suffered serious injuries to the head and neck, and had been suffocated before her death.

TNA Reporter