Trevor trumps Trump

Trending: Trevor Noah’s snippet of President Jacob Zuma is one of 2016’s most watched videos by South Africans. Picture: Getty Images

South African-born comedian Trevor Noah is a brave man indeed.

The host of The Daily Show recently took US president elect Donald Trump to task following Trump’s tweet that his recent election as president was responsible for the good run the American economy was having in recent times.

The comedian did not take kindly to Trump’s tweet and wasted no time in telling him who is still the boss.

“The world was gloomy before I won – there was no hope,” Trump had tweeted. “Now the market is up nearly 10% and Christmas spending is over a trillion dollars.”

Well, the no-nonsense comedian practically deflated Trump’s inflated ego with a swift tweet: “Yes, president @BarackObama is doing a good job.”

Trump is to be inaugurated as Obama’s successor later this month.

Twitter continued to have its own fun at Trump’s expense with many joking that Trump’s presidency will be a delusional one.

“Trump prematurely takes credit for other people’s accomplishments. It seems he has premature issues,” a Twitter user said. “What a joke,” another user went on to say. “He’s so delusional.

I’m embarrassed for our country.” Noah has taken on Trump head-on, slamming him for bragging about evading tax and poking fun at his peculiar sneezing problem, among other things.