Unplaced pupils reduced to 40 000


The Gauteng department of Education has managed to reduce the number of learners not placed in schools from 58 000 to 40 000 in two days.

It was reported by the department that 58 000 learners had not yet been placed, but as of midday 10 January 2016, 18 000 more learners were placed in schools.

“The Department is working hard to place all learners and assures parents that all their children will be placed in a Gauteng school,” said the department in a statement.

Regarding the delay in completing placement Gauteng faced a shortage of schools and a rising demand for placement, hence many parents that applied early could not be placed.

Some schools were not able to update the system due to the December holidays.

However, the Department is comforted by the fact that majority of parents that used the online system have been placed.

The department also stated that it is important for parents to note that schools in Johannesburg South; Johannesburg (East covering Bryanston area); Pretoria North and Midrand are completely full and the department will endeavour to place learners in other schools.

Parents are urged to accept offers of placement in the proposed schools. Districts have set up operational centres in various schools across Gauteng to assist parents with placement.

Over the past two days the Department has been inundated by parents applying for the first time.

While all effort will be made to place all learners, priority will be accorded to those that utilised the online system.

Meanwhile Gauteng provincial legislature’s presiding officers visited six Gauteng schools as part of the institution’s school readiness programme for the year 2017.

The presiding officers engaged with school management teams, school governing bodies, teachers, parents and pupils to obtain information that will assist in the evaluation of the state of readiness.

The presiding officers visited Curtis Nkondo School of Specialisation Emndeni Extension, Aurora High School in Zola North,Thandi Eleanor Secondary School in Duduza,Alafang Secondary School in Katlehong,Vukucinge Primary School in Springs and Lefa Ifa Secondary School in Kwa Thema.

-Simangele Legodi